I’ll find anything to distract myself from… Hey, look at that!

I can use almost anything to distract myself.

Books about God to distract me from God Himself.

Books about prayer and/or praying people to distract myself from praying.

Committee meetings to distract me from actual ministry.

Spiritual conversations to distract me from real community.

Words and thoughts to distract me from actions.

Abstract theology (even if I say it changes my actions) to distract me from hard obedience.

Like this morning, a morning like many others. I get on the computer, read some blogs about spiritual stuff, check email. Time to move on with the rest of my day, I’ve done my spiritual reading. Haven’t touched the bible, but I’ve thought about God stuff, so I don’t really need to spend time with Him.

Can’t deal with having to deal with the living God. Must find something to distract myself.


4 responses to “I’ll find anything to distract myself from… Hey, look at that!

  1. Hey, you aren’t the only one, that is a good description of me, more often than not… I am currently “reading” at least six or seven different books about Christianity (everything from Spurgeon to John Piper to Ravi Zacharias), and yet somehow, I find it difficult to make time for reading my Bible every day.

  2. Hey yhoshua,
    I think that’s the way it is for lots of folks. Any suggestions?

    Glad you stopped by, come back any time.

  3. Well, recently I have been trying to read only my Bible, and not just read it but also write about what I have read (then I am able to chew over the different things I have read)… I have found
    that if I read my Bible for a while (you know, more than the standard 1, 2, or 3 chapters) I tend to enjoy it more and consequentially I desire to read it more (it is kind of like I need to get warmed up, and this often takes a while, but it is really worth it); another thing (and you might already do this) is to say a simple prayer asking God to reveal Himself to you through His Word before you read .

    And Mark Denver (at least I think it was him) said that you should decide what part of the Bible you are going to read before you sit down to read it, that way you don’t spend 10 minutes flipping through pages looking for something to read.

    Also, I found “When I Don’t Desire God” by John Piper to be very helpful (especially the last chapter), you can get a .pdf version of the book at: http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/OnlineBooks/ByTitle/1600_When_I_Dont_Desire_God/

    Hope this helps some.

  4. Hey yhoshua,
    Thanks for the helps.

    You know, I’ve read scripture for years, and I have to just make myself do it sometimes. Other times I can’t seem to get enough.

    I’m finding C. S. Lewis was right about the “law of undulation”, waxing and waning in my practices.

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