Reality Check

I went back and looked over the posts so far. In the rules I said if anyone was whining all the time I’d say something. well…

I’m calling myself out.

Here’s a reality check.

My life is incredibly rich. God has given me a wonderful (and I do mean “full of wonder”) family, a church that is stable and Gospel centered, teachers of The Way second to none, comfort unimaginable in 90% of the world, and a desire to follow and know Him.

Having said that, here’s what I’m not saying.

God made my life wonderful because I became a Christian. 

God fixed everything when I became a Christian.

Now that I’m a Christian, my children’s teeth straightened out, my bank account is overflowing (because of tithing) and I no longer struggle with temptation or sin.

If anyone’s trying to sell you that particular brand of snake oil… Maybe that’s too harsh. That maybe someone’s actual testimony, I’ve never met them, but God may actually work that way in someone’s life. 

My experience has been that:

I still struggle with all kinds of temptation, fall into… no, run willingly into sin, at least one of my children seems destined for braces, and God is not a quarter slot machine ready to pay off every time I find someone to “agree” with me. 

Things are not always so rosy in my world. But the truth is, things aren’t as bad as I whine about either.


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