Desire (2)

No, you didn’t miss anything.

I was going to post a piece on desire that was “profound”, and made you think. I may still post that later as “Desire (1)”.

But I decided to just tell you what’s going on right now.

I’ve been in a place of low desire for God lately. 6-8 months worth of lately. I’m sure there are lots of reasons for it, but they don’t really matter. The fact is it happens to me from time to time. 

During this time I met with a friend who is experiencing a real revival personally. As I listened to him and his exuberance, I was a little sad, and a little jealous. I remembered how it felt. I remembered the reality of God’s presence, and I wondered if I would know that again.

The last 4-6 weeks have been different. I’ve begun to recognize the return of that “burning heart”, that Tozer wrote of. As a matter of fact, Tozer is one of the ways I’m recognizing that desire is on the rise again. I re-read the preface to The Pursuit of God and I felt that familiar ache and longing for the spiritual realities he speaks of.

“In this hour of all-but-universal darkness one cheering gleam appears: within the fold of conservative Christianity there are to be found increasing numbers of persons whose religious lives are marked by a growing hunger after God Himself. They are eager for spiritual realities and will not be put off with words, nor will they be content with correct `interpretations’ of truth. They are athirst for God, and they will not be satisfied till they have drunk deep at the Fountain of Living Water. “


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