So you don’t believe in Total Depravity?

Well, let me tell you about what I had to do this morning. 

But first I need to back up a little to Monday evening.

A good friend of mine called me to let me know his Dad had just died. It wasn’t unexpected, he had lung cancer that couldn’t be treated, and was in Hospice. My friend was as prepared as you can be for the death of a parent.

After the initial conversation of loss and sorrow and support, my friend told me about the arrangements. Now, you have to understand that this friend’s family was pretty dysfunctional and complicated, and that’s somewhat of an understatement. My friend anticipated the “receiving of friends”, on Tuesday, to be pretty messy and potentially embarrassing, so If I wanted to do anything he thought it best just to come to the graveside service Wednesday, at 1pm. “It’s a military service, so get there at 1, and it’ll end promptly at 2. In and out pretty quickly.”  OK, no problem.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning.


Dropped my oldest off at school, ran through the list of things I needed to do. Go meet with another buddy, Pick up the dry cleaning so I’ll have something to wear to the funeral, am I forgetting anything?…No? Good.

Go through the morning as planned. Look up from the computer, and it’s 1:57 pm. 

Oh Shit!

I can’t believe it! I can’t call right now, the service is still a couple of minutes from being over. 

You want to know what I’m thinking right then?

What excuse can I come up with to make it look like I was coming, but something prevented me. My thoughts at that time were on what lie could I come up with to save face. 

Fast forward to this morning. 


Dropped my oldest off at school, called my buddy (hoping he wouldn’t answer so I could leave a message), and left a message telling him the truth. I hope he calls me back soon so I can ask his forgiveness for such a big screw-up.



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