Flat tire

So, I’m driving down the road last night running a couple of errands, and as I’m exiting the Interstate I see a car on the shoulder with a man changing a tire.

Something inside me says, “You ought to stop and help.”

Something else says, “Looks like he’s got it covered, go on.”

I start rationalizing.

“Looks like He’s a younger guy, he can handle it.” I get closer and see he’s not such a young guy. Wife’s sitting in the passenger seat.

“It’d be kind of dangerous to stop, I’ve got kids to think of.” How many times do I actually think people get run over changing tires?

I’m about to pass him now. “Too late, can’t stop now.”

“Yes you can, you can back up a little and at least ask if he needs any help”

I don’t do anything for a couple of seconds.

Now it really is too late.

I drive on, do what I started out to do.

Nothing more.


One response to “Flat tire

  1. I like the way you think…. and thanks for the comment.

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