There just aren’t any shortcuts

1.) Prayer

2.) Scripture

3.) Community

Without these three things I will never grow up.

I just won’t.

I’ve looked for shortcuts in a lot of places.

Osmosis? You know, read stuff written by spiritually mature folks. Maybe I can skip the middle part and just start with what they’ve learned.

Nope. All that does is give me a head full of stuff my heart knows nothing about.

Talk about spiritual things a lot? 

Nope. All that does make me look like I know what I”m talking about to other people.

Do lots of stuff at church? 

Nope. All that does is make me busier, and tired.

Anything wrong with these things?

Nope. But they aren’t shortcuts to growing up in the Spirit.  




2 responses to “There just aren’t any shortcuts

  1. Very true…so hows the Psalm and prayer before computer going?

  2. Good. It’s good to get back into a familiar rhythm again. Up before the family, in the silence.

    Thanks for asking.

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