We have a small group of folks who meet every other week.

We’ve been together now for almost eighteen years.

We used to be a bible study.

We still call ourselves that, but the study part has kind of taken a back seat to the sharing life and praying for one another part.

We met last night.

Here’s what sharing life was like for us last night.

An adult sibling who is unable, due to depression and divorce, to care for herself, let alone her own children.

A child recently diagnosed with Tourett Syndrome, with the child asking questions like, “Why did God make me like this?”

A parent finishing up chemo and about to start radiation. Aging parents showing signs of diminishing physical and mental capacities.

A couple in their 60’s, forced by their drug addicted daughter, to take in and care for her two toddlers while trying to save the daughter’s life.

Estranged siblings trying (and not trying) to reconcile with one another, a step child trying to find some stability in the middle of an infantile parent’s mess, and other various parenting issues round out the evening.

With laughter, tears and prayer mixed throughout.

We’re way past “bible study”, we’re family.

Just another day in the lives of a few average, middle class, suburban folks.


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