Dog days

It’s been ninety degrees -or more- (that’s “Dang Hot!” for you folks on Celsius time) for about the last week to ten days.


My son was sitting on the floor listening to music this morning. “Pieces”, by Sum 41.

“I tried to be perfect

But nothing was worth it…”

He looked a little sad. 

“What are you thinking about when you listen to that song, buddy?”

Shrugs his shoulders.

“Do you feel like that song?”


He comes over and sits in my lap and we listen to it again.

“I have four songs I listen to when I’m sad”, he says.

One of them was “Clumsy”, by Chris Rice

“I get so clumsy
I get so foolish
I get so stupid
And then I feel so useless”

He’s nine, I’m forty-five. 

I’ve felt a little blue since this morning too.


The Dog Days aren’t supposed to start until August.

Kind of feels like they’ve started a little early around here.





3 responses to “Dog days

  1. jimmy paravane

    Nothing like the views of a 9 year old to make you feel “old”, just when yer thinking yer all wise and stuff.

  2. My kids are my Professors of Theology. Something about becoming like a child comes to mind.

    And please leave my illusion of being wise and stuff alone, thank you very much.

  3. jimmy paravane

    No! And so there. (grin)

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