A partial answer

Here’s the question.

Now, a partial answer.

1. Stop living for myself. I am incredibly self-centered and manipulative. If I want something, I can will start planning how best to broach the subject, present my case, and take advantage of circumstances to get it. From sex, to a new computer, to a position in an organization, it’s all about how I can get what I want. 

2. Quit pretending all the time. I have no idea how to be real. I’m all about crafting a persona, gauging a crowd, or a person, to figure out what will present me in the best light.

3. Stop playing it safe and comfortable. That’s my whole life, “safe and comfortable”.

4. Quit playing around with God. I need to be serious when I say that He is my King, and that I’ll do whatever He tells me to.

5. Love others. Not the side-hugging, schmaltzy, crap the world associates with us. But the sacrificial, messy, ugly, hip deep in the hurt and dysfunction kind of love that I don’t want to give to people I really don’t want to be around.

6. Stop all the competitive crap.  I want to be thought of as the spiritual one, not someone else. I want to be asked to lead this or that, not someone else. I shouldn’t have to win, I should be glad when others are doing well. But….

7. I should actually do things in secret, where God sees, and not in order to be seen and praised by men.

8. Obey what I already know, and quit nuancing scripture. I shouldn’t expect to be shown anything more if I’m not willing to obey what I’ve already been shown.


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