“Here’s the problem ….”

Had lunch with a good friend today.

Almost all the conversation was about the problems in his church.

First, he likes a more traditional worship style than the church has. The worship leader is quite a bit younger than he is, and has adopted some of the habits and tools of younger worship leaders all over the place. Like talking between and during songs. My friend jokingly said he’d like a sign on stage facing the worship leader that would flash, “SHUT UP AND SING THE SONG ALREADY!”.

He’s also seen the inner workings of the church. All the power plays, manipulation, agendas, stubbornness, pettiness and dysfunction that messed up folks trying, and sometimes trying not, to do God’s kingdom work inevitably showcase. It can make you pretty cynical, especially as it touches you personally. It’s touched him pretty hard, and repeatedly, up side his head.

But my friend isn’t thoroughly hardened yet. He still finds tears in his eyes as he sings of his own brokenness, and adoration for his Lord.

That any of us inside the church can do this is pretty much a miracle in my book.

That anyone outside it can see through all the mess and find Jesus is most definitely a miracle of the first order.


2 responses to ““Here’s the problem ….”

  1. Usher: Nice weather huh Deak?

    Deacon: Nice Usher, wind is cool and gentle today – keeps the roadkill firm

    Usher: How come people hang out in churches when they could simply sit outside and soak in creation?

    Deacon: Don’t know Usher, but maybe that’s why God made us buzzards, so we don’t have to do church like people do.

    Usher: Sure would be a lot simpler if they just give it up and spend time with Him – who in the world said church is supposed to be that way?

    Deacon: Why, man of course!

  2. Which deacon and which usher did you have in mind as buzzards?

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