A contradiction

I am a mixture of holy and unholy. As is everyone else who has, living within them, the Spirit of the living God and is still on this earth.

But this blog isn’t about the rest of the world, it’s about me.

So far today (it’s now 11:22 am EST) I’ve struggled with-


  • Fear- (This one whispers to me constantly in the background all day)- of anyone finding out what I’m really like, of death, of what might happen, makes me hide in the dark. The Spirit says, “I am perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear”
  • Naked women- years of training, easy access, the more you feed the appetite, the hungrier (and duller) it gets. Oh, be sure and clear the “history” and “recent searches” on your browser. The Spirit says, “Don’t do it, you know where it leads. Rejoice in the wife of your youth. May her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.”
  • Laziness- I want to take the easy way out, I don’t like to do hard things. The Spirit says, “Anything that’s actually worth something will always cost a lot.”
  • Boredom- “Nothings tastes”, as Marie Antoinette once said, so I’ll do anything to pass the time. The Spirit says, “Why do you spend your time on stuff that doesn’t satisfy?”
  • Being Judgmental- I’m in the top five of all the people I know, everyone else has real problems that I can clearly point out if you’re interested. The Spirit says, “Leave all that to Me, you don’t know enough to sit in that chair.”
  • Devotion- Sometimes easy, mostly hard, like running laps in football practice. The Spirit says, “Do you love me?”
  • Wasting time- I look back and see what could have been if I’d just done something else, but it was and is easier not to. The Spirit says, “Quit wasting your life!”
  • Regret- My past mistakes, and how they’ve shaped my present and future, there’s no end to the “what might have been”‘s. The Spirit says, “Do you trust me to redeem it?” 
  • Possessions- I like stuff. It gives me the same endorphin rush as over-eating, and the same empty feeling later. The Spirit says, “What do you really want?” 
  • Arrogance- With all of the above, I’m still better than you. The Spirit says, “You’re dead wrong, but I still love you.”
Oh, by the way, I’ve also worked on a lesson on Holiness for Sunday.

2 responses to “A contradiction

  1. eh, Proverbs. For a second there, I thought you were going full on Song, you know, the untouchable book.(grin) Hmm…you covered judgmental and arrogance, but people often mistake those for pride. Here, let me help you(grin): Good thing yer blog isn’t popular. People might have read this and got something out of it.
    Fun, not safe. (grin)

  2. From the way I read Song, the last way I would describe it is un-touchable. (grin right back at you!)

    I appreciate the comment, kinda nice to know somebody’s out there reading.

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