Just a few of many reasons why…

… american football wins everytime.


This right here’s funny, I don’t care who ya are…



This sums up my feelings on the subject…

(HT to Despair.com -I wouldn’t mind if you guys want to throw a calendar or something my way for the product placement. Just a thought.)



5 responses to “Just a few of many reasons why…

  1. While there are a few guys who should be performing on a stage as opposed to a field, at least they aren’t running around with a bunch of pads on to protect themselves…

  2. How could one from the land of the Buckeyes not see the superiority of american football?

    Maybe instead of “pads” we could think of it as “armor necessary to continue in a contest of such intensity that severe injury would inevitably occur.”

    (going back now to think up some good natured, funny soccer insults)

  3. You say, “armor necessary to…” (emphasis added).

    I would like to propose that, since rugby players manage without pads, so American football players should also man up and take off the pads.

    Plus, in American football, the game stops every 7 seconds, giving the players time to rest up (that, in addition to the breaks for commercials, quarters and halftime). But those who play real football, only get a short 5-10 minute break inbetween two 45 minute halves of constant running, which goes to show the greater amount of ath-let-uh-sizz-um needed to compete in European football.

    Clearly, American football does not win every time.

  4. Clearly you do not have much experience with rugby players. Anyone who simply uses electrical tape wrapped around their heads so that their ears don’t get ripped off in the normal course of a game isn’t sane enough to be used as a good comparison here.

    I will grant you that soccer players are, for the most part, high on the cardio-vascular scale of being “in shape”. I would, however, also point out that synchronized swimmers also appear to be “in shape”, so ….

    I’ve also known some Div. 1-A college (and a couple of pro) football players. My suggestion is that you not walk into the middle of a huddle, while they rest up between plays and suggest to them they need to “man up”. But you are free to do as you wish, I’m just sayin’….

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but do all soccer players run all the time, or are there times when the “action” is away from the player where he rests up as well? Maybe that down time gives them the chance to strategerize when to use some of the mad skillz shown in the clips above.

    I am, however, open to further correction.

  5. u guys have good points
    but i find it useless to compare these 2 sports, cause they are totally different
    everything has their strengths and weaknesses
    and in both of these sports u have them as well
    but i do admit that since in soccer, they dont use replay to make the call, players too often try to fake it because the refs cant always get it right
    and that is when u can call the ‘fakers’ wimps
    but otherwise, there are always the good players and the lazy ones in any sport
    so i dont know if this helped any of u guys, but thats what i think
    why cant we be friends and just respect each sport

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