Brant Hansen for President

Today I’m officially kicking off a write-in campaign for the presidential election in November. My candidate of choice, and quite honestly the candidate for the ages, is Brant Hansen. (que backdrop of fields of golden wheat and waving flags)

Brant was born in the heartland of America to hard working middle-class parents, whose work ethic and simple family values taught him at an early age how to reach for the stars, and yet never loose touch with the common folk that make this great land of ours what it is today. 

His leadership skills and executive experience began at an early age, and continue right up until today.

His sense of humor, his deep love of animals , his unusually high intelligence, and humility all showcase his ample qualifications, and prove his competence for the position as Commander-In-Chief, while his life-experience keeps him well grounded, remembering his roots.

He has been recognized for his outstanding work in the field of National Communications with numerous Major Award nominations along the way in a career path best described as “meteoric”.

Having, over the years, displayed an an almost savant-like understanding of foreign policy and environmental issues, Brant has defied the confining categories of conventional politics and charted a course not dependant on the latest public opinion poll.

Won’t you please join me, in this most dangerous of times, give our great nation the leadership it needs, nay, deserves?

Write-in “Brant Hansen ” this November.


4 responses to “Brant Hansen for President

  1. You are too kind, sir.

  2. A. I’m honored,
    B. I accept, and
    C. Can Palin be on my ticket, too?

  3. That may be the most concise acceptance speech I’ve ever seen. And yes, you may choose Gov. Palin, although after last night I expect the waiting list is quite long.

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