Vanity of vanities

I’m not depressed, so don’t go all suicide hotline on me.

But I’m beginning to see that there is no meaning to life apart from God.

What about working for the good of mankind, providing for your family, or even seeking pleasure and comfort?

All useless, and vain, and meaningless. All mankind will die, including your family, and pleasure and comfort only postpone the inevitable.

What about making a name for yourself, so the world will remember?

How many of you know who the guy is that that bridge down the road is named for? Who will remember you? And even if you are a George Washington, or Ben Franklin, or Ghandi, or anyone else famous and dead what possible good would it do you?

It dawned on me today that there is no one on this earth who knew my Grandfather as a peer. My Father is 79, and a good many of his peers are dead. Within two generations all first hand knowledge of anyone is gone. And within three almost all secondhand knowledge is gone too.

And what about your plans for the future? Your heart could stop an hour from now (regretting that double cheeseburger last night, aren’t you?) and you’d simply be gone. End of story. So eat, drink and be merry, numb the ache, dull the pain, whatever you’ve got to do to get by. Life sucks and then you die.


Unless there’s something more. Something bigger than this world.

Unless there is a God who has a plan for me, things I’m to do in a bigger plan. Unless no one leaves before he’s through with his job here, and no one leaves without His say so. 

Unless I can leave my leaving (and my loved one’s leaving) in His hands, trusting that he knows what he’s doing even if I don’t, I’m without Hope, meaning, or purpose. 

I don’t see any other alternatives.

So I know which one I choose. It seems a no brainer to me.

Where else am I going to go? You’re the only one with the words of eternal life.


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