I won’t spend much time discussing politics with anyone. But I never, EVER, want to hear anyone talk about how republicans spend too much money. 

Look at this.


8 responses to “Politics

  1. How many of those trillion dollar pallets did the Republican president and Republican congress add to the national deficit after inheriting a surplus?

    Just sayin’

  2. “President Barack Obama proposed his 2010 budget during February, 2009. He has indicated that health care, clean energy, education, and infrastructure will be priorities. The proposed increases in the national debt exceed $900 billion each year from 2010-2015, following a $2.5 trillion increase in the national debt for FY 2009, more than twice the record $1 trillion increase in 2008.” Auerbach & Gale (Brookings)

    I’m just sayin’…

  3. I’m not defending the Democrats (as you know I wouldn’t) – but your statement was pertaining to whether the Republicans spent too much money – so again I ask – how many pallets of debt did they add when they had the control and therefore the chance to reduce the overall deficit?

  4. And the reason I posted this was because the spending just went up exponentially, not because the republicans aren’t fiscal idiots. You know I’m cynical enough not to be a fanboy of most any politician.

    An honest question- How many years did Bush have both houses of congress?

  5. Take a look at this article http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance96.html

    It was written after the Dems took control of Congress in 2006, and makes the point I was trying to make here much more eloquently than I.

    Democrats don’t claim to be the frugal ones. Republicans do.

  6. I’m not saying the Republicans aren’t to blame for a lot of what’s happening. I’m saying that the current bailout(s) are so over the top that after only a few months in complete control, the Dems have lost all moral high ground for claiming that the Repubs are as fiscally irresponsible as they are. But you’re right, the Dems never claimed to be anything but the profligates they are.

  7. Democrats have been, and still are, the tax and spend party.

    In this ‘gimmie, gimmie’ day and age, everyon is looking to be taken care of.

    The toothpaste is out of the tube.

    I don’t think we can ever go back.

    America’s best days are over.

    We will be lucky if this new President doesn’t get us all killed.

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