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The Part of Parenting I have Difficulty With

Brokenness is the prerequisite of salvation.

The things used, and paths walked to reach the point of conscious brokenness are varied. Yet the unity of Christian witness across the centuries to the necessity of being broken in order to begin real life is overwhelming. That means that my children, if they are to know real, full, joyous, eternal life, will need to know real brokenness.

I have a friend that, years ago, started praying that God would bring about whatever it took to make his children real, deep followers of Jesus. I remember thinking I didn’t want to go there. I still don’t.

I have a problem with asking God for the circumstances that will bring about my boys’ brokenness. How can I ask for things to happen to my sons that will break them utterly? At the same time, how can I not ask for the very things that they need in order to see and know God?


“I Am Second” – Nate Larkin

I know nobody out there really struggles with porn, but just in case…

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