The Part of Parenting I have Difficulty With

Brokenness is the prerequisite of salvation.

The things used, and paths walked to reach the point of conscious brokenness are varied. Yet the unity of Christian witness across the centuries to the necessity of being broken in order to begin real life is overwhelming. That means that my children, if they are to know real, full, joyous, eternal life, will need to know real brokenness.

I have a friend that, years ago, started praying that God would bring about whatever it took to make his children real, deep followers of Jesus. I remember thinking I didn’t want to go there. I still don’t.

I have a problem with asking God for the circumstances that will bring about my boys’ brokenness. How can I ask for things to happen to my sons that will break them utterly? At the same time, how can I not ask for the very things that they need in order to see and know God?


Thousands protest global warming…

global warmiing protest

How are you doing?

Here’s part of an email I sent in response to a friend’s question.

“How am I doing? Thanks for asking. You didn’t have to, and I appreciate it.

Instead of a polite, culturally acceptable lie like, “Oh, fine.” Here’s the truth.

Right now both the boys have the flu. That sucks. I can’t do anything to stop them hurting. That REALLY sucks.

I’m tempted to look at porn on the internet.

I don’t pray very much

Scripture is pretty dry right now.

I’m in constant need, and completely dependent on God, but I live like I’m not.

I have a great wife, wonder-full kids, and more good stuff in my life than i even know, and in the back of my mind it’s not enough. I always want more.

Now here’s the rest of the truth.

God reigns, and he’s faithful.

He loves my boys more than I do.

He knows all about my weaknesses.

He’s able to complete what He started.

This is just real life in an imperfect world.

Much more info than you may have wanted, but I’ve got to start being real.”

Prayer for a friend

I have a friend who just found out his youngest son is hiv positive.

I tried to imagine saying the words he said to me, “My son is hiv positive.”

Couldn’t go there, too dark. That’s where he lives now.

Lord, have mercy, Christ have mercy.

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This is me with God.


I won’t spend much time discussing politics with anyone. But I never, EVER, want to hear anyone talk about how republicans spend too much money. 

Look at this.

It’s a digital age

I’m old enough to remember when this would have been a concert, and the lights would have been lighters.